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Access Your Favorite Bookmarks from Any Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

Homepages for Business


iClick2View Enterprise version comes with employee specific home pages where they can organize and access business related websites with a simple click. Employees can customize their own home page and can access it from anywhere and any time using desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Homepages for Schools


iClick2View now offers homepages for schools and students to organize and access all their school related website links with a simple click. Students can directly go to their teacher's or subject related websites with one click.It saves time and enables them to access academic related websites more frequently.

Homepages for Personal Use


Do you visit your favorite websites more often? Check out iClick2View sample homepage with popular news, social and travel website links. Customize and access all your favorite weblinks with a simple click from any where.Login free access to your home page for every day browsing.

  • Personalized homepage for each employee

  • Saves time and improves work efficiency

  • Accessible from company intranet sites

  • Role based security with department homepages

  • Safe, secure and accessible from anywhere

  • Personalized homepage for each student

  • Saves time, helps students access websites quickly

  • Parents or students can maintain the homepage

  • Prevents students from accessing unwanted sites

  • Safe, secure and accessible from anywhere

  • Personalized homepage with your favorites

  • Access your personal or work related URLs

  • Create and share your homepage with friends

  • Import browser favorites into your homepage

  • Safe, secure and accessible from anywhere

  • Sample HR Department homepage

    HRIS homepage
    Sample Middle School Student homepage

    Middle School

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