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Frequently Asked Questions

My Homepage - FAQs

How do I add my favorite website URL to my home page?
You need to login to your homepage and then click on 'Edit This Page' to open to your homepage in edit mode, click on any website that should open up Add/Edit options and you can add a new website url to your homepage.
Please make sure you always enter complete URL that starts with 'http://'

How do I delete a website link which I don't want?
Click on 'Edit This Page' to open your homepage in edit mode,click on any website link to delete it.

How do I delete an entire column of weblinks which I don't want?
click on 'Edit Websites' to open your homepage in edit mode,click on Column and that should open edit options to delete entire column.
Please note that once deleted you can not rollback.

How do I delete an entire tab of weblinks which I don't want?
First you need to delete all the columns before you delete entire tab.Once tab is empty then you can delete the tab.
Please note that once delete any tab you can not rollback and you will have to add them manually.

Can I change tab headers or column headers on my homepage?
Yes.You can change it to what ever you like and make sure headers not very long.

How many columns can I add for each tab?
We encourage you to limit the columns to 7 as you add more columns then your page will get too many columns and may not look good. If you like you can add another tab with additional columns.

My Weblink is not working,How do I fix it?
Make sure you use complete URL starts with 'http://'

How do I access my homepage with out logging in every time?
Click on 'Login Free Access' link in your homepage under settings menu.

Make Your Homepage link doesn't set my homepage?
Internet Explorer browser supports this feature. If you are using any other browser or still having issues then just copy and paste the URL into your browser homepage tab.

How do I share my home page with my friends?
Click on 'Login Free Access' link in your homepage to see unique url to your homepage, then share it with your friends via email. Your friends can see your homepage but can not edit them as it requires login and password.

Can I change homepage background?
Yes. You can change it. Go to settings menu to change it.

Can I change font colors?
Not at this time.

How do import my browsers favorites or bookmars?
You need to first create bookmark file from your browser and then you can import into your homepage. Visit Get Started page to see more details.

Who do I contact if I have a question?
Click contact us page to send your questions or comments and iClick2View team will get back to via email.

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