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How to Create Bookmark File

From Internet Explorer

Open your browser

1.Click on File Menu and then click on "Import and Export" option from drop down menus and that should open a import/export window.
2.Choose Export option and click next
3.Click on Favourites check box and click next (do not click on any other check boxes like feeds or cookies)
4.Click on Favourites top folder and click next (if you have sub folder, you can choose them)
5. Choose the folder and file name. You can keep the same folder and file name if you want to and click export button.
6.Click finish to export your favorites to a file.
This should create a htm file. If you keep default it will be called bookmark.htm

If you need a step by step help with screen prints, please click on this tutorial. How to Create a Bookmark file with your favourites

From Mozilla FireFox

Click on this tutorial from FireFox to learn How to Create a Bookmark file with Mozilla FireFox

From Google Chrome

Click on this tutorial from Google to learn How to Create a Bookmark file from Google Chrome.

From CSV File

Click on this link to see CSV file format CSV File Format